Social-Event-Tech-GuideNeed more from your customer event data?

In our event technology guide, you will learn:

  • The three major objectives of customer event data: increasing attendance, driving engagement, and accelerating sales pipeline
  • The benefits of connecting your event technology systems, marketing automation tools, and sales CRM 
  • How event technology can measure attendee engagement and enhance the attendee experience
  • Best practices on using new and emerging technologies to help drive sales

Nearly every company is looking to improve sales. Customer events and user conferences are a prime opportunity. But whether your event goals are attendance, audience engagement, or sales, integrating technology systems is critical for your event success.

Understanding why and how to integrate your event technology with other technology platforms makes a huge difference in your event results. Learn how event teams, marketing teams, and sales teams are aligning their technology systems around a major objective of customer events: sales growth!

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