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Discover a deeper understanding of human behavior as it reveals surprising insights into what truly motivates us to give it our all in the workplace. 

The rational economic theory might have us believe that cash is the king of all motivators. More money equals more effort, right? Grounded in social psychology and behavioral economics, this talk on behavior and motivation will help us shift our perception of incentives, from transactional to emotional, identifying actionable insights for ultimate workforce motivation.

Join us Oct. 11 at 12:30 PM CST

Webinar attendees will have the opportunity to learn from Charlotte Blank, Chief Behavioral Officer of Maritz, about how to learn from behavioral science to design and execute corporate incentive travel programs that motivate and reward behaviors that you need from your team to drive your company forward. 

In this webinar, you will also learn:

  • When it comes to incentives, sometimes cash can hurt more than it helps 
  • Creating a connection to a purpose can make people work harder on the most tedious of tasks
  • To motivate your team, create a shared vision of the future using image-based words

We hope you enjoy this informative webinar!

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Part 1. Behavioral Science Webinar

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Charlotte Blank is Chief Behavioral Officer of Maritz. She leads the company’s practice of behavioral science and innovation, through expert applications of social psychology and behavioral economics. In this effort, Charlotte is striving to forge the connection between academic theory and applied business practice, elevating the use of field research to better make sense of human behavior in the evolving marketplace.